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Aerial Yoga I / II |

Aerial Yoga I / II

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Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses that are done on the floor, and postures that are practiced using a soft material called a “Hammock” suspended at waist height.  This is the same type of fabric that one could see being used in shows with aerialists like Cirque Du Soleil and AntiGravity® Theater.  The difference in Aerial Yoga is our body weight is distributed between the floor and the hammock, and is designed to access yoga poses in new and exciting ways while challenging the body, mind, and spirit.  Here you will learn the basic fundamental yoga positions with the Hammock to increase flexibility, strength and one’s overall health.  Utilizing the Hammock either as a stabilizer or full body support, you will find freedom to move in all dimensions of space.

Aerial Yoga I / II requires a minimum of at least 4 FUNdamentals classes.  Aerial Yoga expands on the basic body mechanics and movement sequences such as Sun Salutation Series and Abs with an AntiGravity® spin.  Basic Decompression Inversions are also taught with gentle meditations in the hammock.

If you love our FUNdamentals class than you will love the challenge of Aerial Yoga I /II.  Aerial Yoga  builds on the fundamental postures, allowing one to gain more flexibility in the spine, mind/body connection, trust in the Hammock, and strengthen proprioceptors (sense of self).  Still suspending the Hammock at waist height, one will learn new and challenging series and postures ranging from complex strengthening and flexibility movements, new inversions as well as swinging series while enjoying the feeling of flight and having fun.

Remember, “Your Health is Your Wealth.” –Mohandas Gandhi


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