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AntiGravity® FUNdamentals | Studio Zero G

AntiGravity® FUNdamentals

AG FUNdamentals 1

Welcome to AntiGravity® Fitness FUNdamentals One! Here you will discover the power, excitement and pure joy of moving freely in all directions of open space. Through this step-by-step technique, you will learn all  you need to know to safely teach a “Decompression Session” (which includes zero-compression inversions) to the general public. You will also learn the  ins and outs of the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock, the principles of the technique and the philosophy of AntiGravity® in  this fun-filled action- packed course. Your AntiGravity® Fitness Instructor Trainer is carefully  chosen and certified to share the AntiGravity® technique with you. They are ready to answer all your questions and to give you  wings to fly! Get to know all your fellow trainees and support one another in the process of learning.  Welcome to Team AntiGravity®. Open your mind to this new beginning, suspend your  disbelief and enjoy the flight.


AntiGravity® FUNdamentals 2

Welcome to AntiGravity® Fitness FUNdamentals TWO! We’ve got more discoveries to share with you. This course expands on your aerial fitness training thus far with many more new movement sequences, new  wraps for inversions as well as how to teach and spot them with proper progressions and body mechanics. You will learn sequences from the AG SunSalutation Series, Flying Dog Series, Swinging Abs and more. You will  finish the course with 3 solid lesson plans that you can share with the general public. Remember, your health is your wealth; these tools you are learning will bring about prosperity. Together we can do our part to heal the world. Thank you for joining us in this quest!

Learning To Fly Is Easy

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