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Our Instructors |

Our Instructors


Melissa Gorham

2-Star AGY-LOGO-75 Instructor Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 FUNdamentals I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 Aerial Yoga I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 Suspension Fitness I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 Restorative Yoga I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 AIRBarre Trainer

Bounce Instructor Trainer

Melissa began her training as a dancer at Raskin Dance Studio at age 9. At age 18 she was hired as a backup dancer to Aretha Franklin for a charity ball in New York City. During her time in college she was a rehearsal coach with Hard Drive Productions for Celebrity Cruise Lines, and began to learn the art of silks. Melissa’s dancing has taken her worldwide, beginning in New York where she danced and toured with Push Factory Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Company, and assisted with A Few Good Men Dancin’. She was also an assistant to Jeff Amsden, as well as an assistant to choreographers for Broadway Bears and taught at Broadway Dance Center. Melissa’s teaching and performing has taken her around the world from New York through Ireland and Australia.

Through the study of pedagogy, kinesiology, and being a “movement educator” while instructing and choreographing at Raskin Dance Studio, Melissa found a renewed love for the body through massage therapy. She has now spent the last five years focusing on releasing the everyday tension, emotional, and physical injuries through the healing power of touch and breath.

Melissa had been suffering with back pain for years and turned to practicing yoga for relief, however a few years ago one of her closest friends began losing flexibility, range of motion, and experiencing extreme pain in her right hip. Melissa was determined to find a way to help alleviate her friend’s pain other than just massage. Having had the silk training in the past, Melissa came across AntiGravity® Yoga and signed up to return to New York and become certified to instruct aerial yoga.

The last three years Melissa has worked with the hammock and the techniques taught by AntiGravity Fitness®  to release stress, improve flexibility, decompress the spine, and lengthen & tone the body. Through one on one private sessions, performances with Voci Dance Company, and now in a class setting at Studio Zero G; Melissa has realized that AntiGravity® Yoga is a great new way to heal and condition the body using breath, meditation/prayer, and visualizations while most importantly having FUN.

“Live Every Moment, Laugh Everyday, Love Beyond Words” -Melissa Gorham





Carla Flaherty

AGY-LOGO-75 FUNdamentals Instructor

AGY-LOGO-75 Aerial Yoga I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 Suspension Fitness I Instructor

Bounce Instructor

Carla is a Retired Navy Veteran, and during her time, she was a Command Fitness Leader in which she helped keep Sailors in shape. In April of 2014 Carla found Studio Zero G looking for a new workout. She came a few times a week and found that she really enjoyed the classes and liked the way her mind and body felt after each session. She likes running, and has run in numerous 5k’s, 10k’s, and 1/2 Marathons. Carla has also tried various fitness workouts including Aerobics, Zumba, Dance, Step Aerobics, Weight Training, and also has been certified as a Spin Instructor. Even with all of her background in numerous fitness regimens, she has found her new home at Studio Zero G.

In October 2014, Carla completed our 1st AntiGravity® FUNdamnetals 1 & 2 training course and became one of our first instructors. Carla currently teaches our AntiGravity FUNdamentals classes and helps with our Stretch & Strength classes. She is also working towards becoming one of our BOUNCE® fitness instructors and is looking into advancing her skills with AntiGravity®. Carla enjoys the challenge the Harrison Hammock brings to her workout by just using her body. The Anti-Gravity Harrison Hammock has helped her body and mind through the meditation and workout which has helped her flexibility and strength.





Kelly Hadley

AGY-LOGO-75 FUNdamentals Instructor

AGY-LOGO-75 Restorative Yoga

AGY-LOGO-75 Aerial Yoga I/II Trainer

AGY-LOGO-75 Suspension Fitness I Instructor


Kelly has had a love for dance since she was a little girl. She took Jazz classes for seven years which only made that love grow. She spent her teenage years and early adulthood playing volleyball and dancing whenever she had time. As an adult she, unfortunately, had to give those up in her pursuit of a degree in Health Sciences, which she did receive in 2009.

Kelly spent several years trying various workout regimens only to fall out of them after just a few weeks. When she discovered Antigravity® Fitness at Studio Zero G she was immediately hooked. In an effort to get herself ready for her upcoming wedding, she took as many classes as she could.  She finally found something that kept her coming back. Studio Zero G has an atmosphere that can instantly bring a smile to your face, free of judgement and ego. Always encouraging you to do your best, never saying anything negative about anyone.

She has now been involved with Antigravity® for almost 2 years and completed the Antigravity® Fundamental Instructor Training in October 2015 so that she could help inspire others to be the best person they can be; instilling the philosophies and ideas of Antigravity®, hopefully making somebody’s day that much better. Kelly has plans to take the Restorative and Aerial Yoga I trainings in 2016, which is only the beginning of her journey into the world of Antigravity®.



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