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Katie Silson

Katie Silson




“Studio Zero G is such a great facility!!!! Melissa is well rounded in many art forms and in her education, making it a safe and fun for any person who steps into class. Every time I have gone, I have brought people with little experience in yoga or Aerial apparatuses of any kind and each time the students leave doing more than they thought they could. It is well worth the money and the time and I highly suggest it! I cannot wait to see the growth in this studio.”

–Katie Silson


Kristina Miller

Kristina test




“This is my new obsession! I love this place!! Totally different experience and so awesome :)“

–Kristina Miller


Erin Poirier

erin test




“No matter who you are, or what level you are at, the class gives you achievable goals. A fun way to gain strength and confidence!”

— Erin Poirier


Patricia Thomas


“I would express my thanks to Studio Zero G and the healing hands of Melissa. I have been a dance teacher for 28 years, through this time I developed deterioration in my right hip, bone on bone pain that was quite unbearable but, I was able to find relief with the Aerial yoga. Hanging upside down created space in the hip joint witch relieved the pain without medicating myself. After having hip resurfacing surgery I took the Restorative yoga class and was able to recover much faster. Massage also helped me with mobility and stiffness. I’m pain free now and I still hang to keep my body sound. Thank you and God Bless”

— Patricia Thomas


Gloria Roberts

Gloria Roberts

“My first experience with AntiGravity® will not be my last. The pain of osteoporosis can be very breathtaking even just walking or bending. After my first Restorative yoga workout, my hips are pain free. I can walk, bend, and lie down on my bed with almost no discomfort. In fact, the next morning after my workout, I overslept- I was just too comfortable to wake up and get up!”
–Gloria Roberts

Tanya Medina, M.D.

“I have been having the best time learning Aerial Yoga at Studio Zero G. Aerial Yoga is an exciting and fun way to tone up and strengthen your muscles!
I highly recommend Studio Zero G classes as a physician and on a personal level. I invite all my patients to come hang with me and my staff at Studio Zero G!!!”

–Tanya Medina M.D.


“While visiting Florida I stopped by Studio Zero G, I had heard & seen pictures and was curious to try it out. I wondered if it would help me with my current painful condition, a herniated disk and pinched nerve in my neck and back. I was a little hesitant because even though I have always been very athletic, my recent condition had stopped me from performing a lot of exercises and activities that I enjoyed doing previously. To my amazement, I was able to participate in the class. Much to my surprise I left feeling limber and full of confidence. This type of activity is fun, soothing and relaxing while at the same time it works your total body; you feel amazing.”


Marty Roberts

Marty Roberts
“I experienced my first Restorative class today at Studio Zero G. I took the class as a recommendation to help relieve sacroiliac pain. I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never done any yoga exercises before. It was quite easy since the instruction was very straight forward. The class was an hour long and afterward I had more range of motion with my back and the pain was decreased. I will attend more classes and plan on getting more relief. Many thanks to the staff at the studio.”

–Marty Roberts

Joannie Martinez

“I have lower back pain & before leaving my 1st class my back felt awesome. And it is really so much fun, you dont even realize what a great workout you are getting until the next day when you feel sore. Great workout… so fun! I’m so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this!”

–Joannie Martinez

Rachelle Konczal

Shell Konczal
“I’ve had countless problems with my hips and lower back from years of playing volleyball but after 1 session of AntiGravity® yoga, I haven’t had any pain in my hips and my lower back loosened up a ton from the different stretches. I can’t wait to go back for more classes and improve my shoulder flexibility too! “

–Rachelle Konczal

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