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Week 1 Workout | Studio Zero G

Week 1 Workout

Plank Until You Fail Challenge

Each day the participate must plank either on the forearms or hands and hold until you can’t hold anymore.

Play your favorite song to keep your mind off the burn, and if you pass your song make it two songs.
Each day record your time in your journal to be submitted with your before and after pictures via email, so don’t forget to set your timer.

Make sure the booty is down and Is in line with the shoulders, the neck is also in line with the shoulders. Abdominals need to be engaged so pressure doesn’t go into the lower back, so ladies Keegle, and press the heels back towards the wall behind you.
To take the plank a little further, place the feet up on the couch or a chair to add an incline- we will be focusing on our planks this week with our feet in the hammock.

Good luck!

Plank 1 Plank 2 Plank 3 Plank 4

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