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Week 2 Workout | Studio Zero G

Week 2 Workout

Back to The Basics Challenge

Workouts this week are cardio and interval based. We want to get our heart rate up and then rest. Bounce classes are great for this weeks workouts as well.

This week pick either morning or evening to do your workout, it’s only 5 minutes. You will do these interval circuits 3 times. For 20 seconds push your body in the exercise to the limit,  10 seconds rest – this is done for each exercise for a total of only 5 minutes. Don’t drag it out longer. Push yourself and remember, your body isn’t giving up- your mind is, so focus and push yourself.

 Exercise 1: Lunges

Start feet together and for the next 20 seconds you will jump into your lunges, alternating each leg. You are welcome to add wrists weights for more of a challenge. If you are not comfortable jumping, don’t worry we have a modification. Start feet together and step out starting on the right into your lunge. Bring the feet together and step out on the left into lunge. Repeat for 20 seconds.

Lunge 1     Lunge 2

Rest 10 seconds

 Exercise 2: Push ups (fast)

Start in plank, bend elbows, straighten. Keep hips down in line with shoulders and keep your head up.

Plank 1     Plank 2

Rest 10 seconds

 Exercise 3: Tuck Jumps

Start with feet hip width apart, knees softened, and core engaged. You will jump, bringing the knees up to the hands and land with knees bent to protect knees. Make sure your knees are over your first three toes.

Jump 1

Rest 10 seconds

Exercise 4: Donkey Kicks

Now these are a little challenging but with repetition you will have them down.

Start with hands flat on the ground, fingers spread, core engaged, elbows locked straight and knees bent. You will shift the weight onto your hands as you jump and bring the heels of the feet to kick your bottom before bringing the feet to the floor. Keep eyes on your hands and the floor.

Kick 1     Kick 2

Rest 10 seconds

Repeat circuit 2 more times.


Good luck!

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