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Week 3 Workout | Studio Zero G

Week 3 Workout

Strength Training Challenge

Back Lunge Curl Press

With weights in hands, start with feet together, hands down by sides.  Step back with the right leg into deep lunge – keep core engaged- while bring hands to chest in bicep curl keeping elbows into the bod.  Press the arms above the head keeping arms in line with ears and core engaged.  Bring arms back to the chest and bring feet together while bring arms down by sides. Repeat other side and do for 30 Seconds.

Back Lunge 4     Back Lunge 2     Back Lunge 5     Back Lunge 3     Back Lunge  6     Back Lunge 4

Rest 10 seconds


Speed Skaters

With both hands holding one weight, start with feet together.  Step right leg behind and across to the other side while bringing the weight across the body in direction of the leg.  Bring legs together while bringing weight up to center. Alternate sides for 30 seconds.

Speed1     Speed2                                                                                                        Speed3     Speed1

Rest 10 seconds


Push Ups

This one is an oldie but a good one.  Feet hip width apart, keep the gluteal and head in line with heels and shoulders. Bend Elbows, keeping along the side of the body, and press up.  Once again, if you want more challenge, bring the feet at a higher incline.  30 seconds.

Plank 1     Plank 2

Rest 10 seconds


Military Planks

Starting on the forearms in an elbow plank, keep gluteal and head in line with shoulders and heels, press up onto one hand and then the other to come to a push up plank.  Lower onto one forearm at a time back to the elbow plank.  Keep core engaged at all times and Do Not drop your hips.  30 Seconds.

Military1     Miltary2     Military3

Miltary2     Military1   happy-face-72dpi1

Repeat circuit 3 times total of 5 Minutes.

Good Luck!

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